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RARE BREEDS JOURNAL is THE magazine for the unique animal and minor breeds enthusiast.

RARE BRREDS JOURNAL also includes the more common animals from time to time. Read all about breed and species facts, care and housing and find sources listed of where to learn more.

Featured are animal owners "Special People"
-also a Rare Breed!

Learn to diversify, raising unique animals, preserving minor genetic bases, teach family life’s values and supplement income ALL IN ONE.

"Animals develop principles that develop character in people."

Having a family, owning property and being able to raise some type of animal is the dream of most Americans. Through RARE BREEDS JOURNAL you can learn which breed or species may be suited to your interests, abilities and facilities.

Remember, whether you live on a half acre (or less), or a large ranch there is an alternative type of livestock that will suit you.

Rare Breeds Ranch

Rare Breeds Ranch

Litter Born 2/6/08

RBJ cover 2 The animals of the alternative livestock industry include...

The breeds that are the present BEST SELLERS, the new Hot Item that is popular to raise as well as the breeds that are steady and constantly popular.

The more exotic types such as zebras, camels and monkeys (all breeds and species from all geographic origins).

Minor Breeds of Domesticated Livestock. These are made up of the 100+ breeds of cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine, etc., that were available in our country at the turn of the century, but have declined in numbers. They possess many excellent genetic traits that deserve preservation.

Birds and reptiles.

Rare pets of all species, pleasurable pet stock as well as profit-makers. Included are rare breeds of dogs and cats and other unique pets.

Common Breeds - RARE BREEDS JOURNAL excludes none. From time to time the ordinary breeds are also included. There is something uniquely special about them all. The human interest aspect is ever present where animals are concerned.

An EXCITING industry
To many the discovery that there is a whole realm of business known as the alternative livestock industry becomes an exciting venture.

There is learning to do, places to go, fascinating people to meet. The realm of the animal industry can play a small part in your relaxation at the end of a stressful workday, or it can become ones total way of life, ones livelihood. It all depends on the extent that one desires to reach.

Learn by reading

1. Ranch and breeder interviews.
2. News from registries and associations.
3. Articles on breeding, care and health of animals.
4. Worldwide coverage and participation.
5. ADVERTISING - The best advertising dollars spent in the industry.
6. And, much, much more!!

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A family values publication

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